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Natural Lawn Care


Natural Lawn Care

Lawn CareIn 1999, we added The Natural Alternative Programs to our lawn care line-up. Then, as now, these programs were designed for cases where the client wanted a higher organic content in their lawn care program.

The Natural Alternative Programs substitute naturally occurring materials for the pest controls used in traditional lawn care. The emphasis is on promoting the vigor and health of the desirable plants. Their success is at the expense of the undesirable plants (weeds).

Working with the client to make available the required elements (water, fertilizer, etc), promoting good cultural practices (mowing height), providing necessary extra services (aeration) the Natural Alternative Programs could be an excellent fit for your landscape needs.

  • Turf Fertilization - The fertilizer requirements of the turf will be addressed using balanced fertilizers including corn gluten meal and slow release granular fertilizers.
  • Aeration - An essential part of helping the grass grow vigorously and healthy by optimizing the soil medium. It will improve the efficiency of water use, air exchange and relieve soil compaction.
  • Top Dressing of Turf Areas - Improve the turf growing medium with a soil "top dressing". Over seeding at this time will develop a dense stand of grass to crowd out undesirable weeds.