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Lawn & Garden Sprinklers

Irrigation is one of three powerful landscape management tools. (The others are fertilization and cutting, e.g., pruning or mowing.)
Plants have inherited cycles of leafing, flowering, and seed dispersal, compatible with annual cycles of rainfall in their natural habitat. Irrigation, the artificial watering of the soil, drastically changes where and how plants grow.

Lawn & Garden Sprinklers
The most widespread landscape plant in North America, Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis), is a Eurasian plant which naturalized in urban lawns due to irrigation. For all practical purposes it wouldn't be here without irrigation. When people talk about having a "lawn as green as the Joneses" they are quoting an expression that originated in the Kentucky bluegrass belt, and this arose from sprinkler irrigation.

Ecologically, irrigation interacts with other major landscape management tools. Close cutting of turfgrass, which weakens the plant and prevents adequate root development, leads to minimal available soil moisture reserve. Therefore, close-cut turf wilts and dries out more readily, and more frequent irrigation is required. In using irrigation to maintain close-mown, luxuriant stands of turfgrass throughout the growing season, turfgrass areas demand more frequent irrigation than wooded areas. This is the opposite of the natural occurrence of grasslands in drier areas, and woodlands in wetter areas.